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Our mission is to feed the homeless street dogs and cats in Dalyan, carried out by our team of volunteers.

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By using easyfundraising you can help raise money at no cost to yourself, just create an account on their website ( and select Dalyan animals as your cause and start shopping. The shops that you use donate varying percentages of your purchase to Dalyan Animals.

You can donate here:- A confirmation email is always sent but it may go into your junk/spam folder.  It is possible to make a monthly donation.



Please follow us on Facebook: – Dalyan Street Animals

If you see an unattended kitten or puppy do not move them too quickly as their mummy may be looking for food, please wait and be 100% sure before moving them!!!


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  1. There was a stray dog that came into the riverside hotel in dalyan some weeks ago. We have named her Ruby, she is a beautiful pedigree spaniel. Guests and hotel have been feeding her and some guests provided money, left with bill herring the hotel rep (who is know at the charity) to be spayed and have her vaccinations. She has now had her operation an is recouping at bills and will be returned to the hotel soon. We are trying now hopefully with your help to get her to the UK where we know we will find a good home, as we do not think she will cope very well during the winter months. Bill has informed me that he has left 150TL with you, I assume for the vaccinations. We have got in touch with an organisation called Paws Kennels, who we think will arrange transportation for her, funds can be arranged, but we do need someone to liaise with them. We need to know what the dog requires as far as blood tests, and any further vaccinations, passport, etc. Do you think you can help please. Thank you

  2. Hello I met Hilary at the riverside hotel a few days ago and she recognised coco who had escaped from the pound!she then went back to the pound and the following day she was back !hilary said look out for her as the manager / owner doesn’t like her and won’t keep her!,
    The night before we left she was wondering down the track between calpso and the town she seemed a bit timid and for some unknown reason her pound collar and disc no 455 had been removed!, strange!!!!! Thought you might like to know!I will send a pickture of her

  3. Hi Karen,
    Sorry to trouble you but my sister has just arrived in Olu Deniz and rescued a dog she seen a Turkish man beating. The dog followed my sister and friend along the beach and back to their room crying. We are like yourself massive dog lovers and always try to help strays. He has a collar on but no tag?! They have placed a towel on the floor and he has curled up and gone asleep. What do you recommend we do? My contact number is +44 7722605270. Hope you can help us. Thanks Jen x

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  4. hi after returning back to England after a visit to dalyan I could not get a dog out of my mind.Its a beautiful looking like a boxer dog tan and white in colour and was extremely emaciated please could u try and find him he had a puppy face and was very scared thank you

  5. We have sponsored a puppy Lucy we befriended during our recent visit to Dalyan. I have written to Sue Davies who I am told is the puppy person, but not sure I had the correct address. Can anyone hive me an update? Keep thinking about Lucy.

  6. Hi, I am in dalyan sept 2015 and think I have seen same beautiful boxer dog as carol in July. He\she hands out by th be hotel on the river path and is very thin and ribs are showing far more than should be. They are very timid but once decided to trust me was taking food I put down. So gentle and loving. I go back on Monday but will be visiting each day til then. They are tagged but no collar, so not sure if owned or not.

  7. Hi just seen a dog about ten minutes ago limping and not letting it’s back leg touch the floor. It had a yellow collar on and a microchip on its ear but couldn’t get close enough to read it. It was near the celik international shop and green grocers? Wasn’t sure what to do. Sorry hope this helps.

  8. Hallo,
    I am visiting dalyan this week. I would really like to visiting the shelter. Meerdere said i sound contact you. We stay at villa duran.

    Groetjes colinda

  9. Hi my name is Wendy just returned to the UK and there was a small cat who would ever night about 9/ 10 at Okranus restaurant on the riverside opp the green cottage at night who I would give whiskas biscuits to black taddy and some kitten at the end of riverside going pass the bc spa then riverside hotel about 4 restaurants up one black .tabby .white . Ginger and white very friendly I’m on face book on my shop site clarkes florist 07794482269 please tell how I could help to help these lovely cats x

  10. Hi I am one of your sponsors each month . I have now been living in Dalyan for 5 weeks .as with each visit I try to help the street dogs by finding the skinnist dog or cat and try to build it up by giving it nourishing as possible food . There is one old boy who I haven’t noticed before , he is getting bullied and is so so thin , I was wondering if you could take him into care for a while to help him .He is a lovely dog , pure cream in colour, about 1 and a half foot tal,l 3 foot long , part anatolian and maybe kangol with a scared large head , ears floppy , no collar or tag . He lives in the square and over by the stationers . Please could you let me know if this old boy could be helped to get stronger , thank you Fond regards Atreya xx

  11. 2 Horus later er fetched Lucky back. He is so grateful. But What will happen to hin when we go to Germany dot 7 weeks in Kind with?

  12. We at Bankhead Kennels have sent via paypal £100 – can someone acknowledge receipt otherwise we will cancel it

  13. Have finally managed to set up a regular payment using PayPal. I use my phone and realised I needed to set it to desk top site. I’ve been keen to make a regular donation since I visited the rescue centre and saw all the good and never-ending work they do there taking care of our canine friends. And of course during the winter when they also look after the street dogs. I look forward to my next visit, much love to you all.

  14. Please help. I am very concerned about a dog I saw in Dalyan last week. Please can you email me for details. If you are able to rescue this dog I will make a significant donation.

  15. Hi , just returned home from holiday in Dalyan, and this has been playing on my mind ever since . We went to Asha Bay ( no idea of spelling)! And saw a white boxer looking dog tied under a tree in the car park , with only a bed of beer bottles to lie on 😏.. big chain on his collar and a couple buckets of water I’m guessing . I’m sure I can remember him in the same place a couple of yrs ago . What a terribly sad life for him, not to mention how much broken glass he was sleeping on . Have anyone ever contacted you about this poor boy ?

  16. Hi, there is a dog that hangs around the Emir Grand (sp?) hotel who is fed by the hotel but has a pronounced limp and seems in pain. Is it possible for him to get help?

    1. Hi Rachel

      The best thing to do is ask the hotel to call the vet or take him/her to the vet yourself. If you say its a street dog then the charity will pay.

      Please let us know how you get on.

      Best wishes
      Dalyan Animals

  17. I will not be able to visit Dalyan for a while. I would like to make donations from Germany. Which is the best way to avoid high bank charges? I have no Paypal Account but my daughter in law would do it for me via her Paypal account. Will we get a confirmation after arrival of the money?

  18. Hello, I have sent you an email regarding a few kittens and a three legged mum on Sulungur CD. I would be very grateful if someone could look into it. If you manage to get them, I will make a donation towards their medical treatment and food. It’s an isolated tourist area and I doubt there is much to eat, especially once the tourists are gone. Thank you very much.

  19. We thank you for looking after the animals of Dalyan, they have looked much healthier o er the years, however there is one dog we are concerned about, it’s an Alsatian chained up at the side of BC Spa car park, it looks so very under fed and uncared for. I know you’re busy but if you could check her out for us we’d be much happier, thank you x

    1. Hello Elaine

      We are aware of this dog and I can confirm that he is well looked after even though he is chained up. They do excercise, feed amd love him. The local charity has visited and spoken to the owner.

      Best wishes
      Dalyan Animals

  20. Hope the donation helps to keep the dogs and cats fed during this difficult time. Thank you for all you do for them.

  21. dear animal lovers, friends, and supporter, I do live in Dalyan and I am feeding every day street cats and dogs. This year is not like the years before. Dalyan lives from Tourisme
    About the Covit 19 the season has started late and till know Restaurants and Hotels suffering of lack of guests so there is nothing left for the street animals. I urgently ask you to help us to keep all this animals alive. Thank you for your kindness, your support and your understanding of this special situation

  22. I hope my small donation will go some way to helping the animals. I have noticed there appear to be less dogs on the street this year … maybe not ?

    1. Hi Sally

      There are less dogs now, really no idea where they have gone, maybe adopted.

      Thank you so much for your donation, we will use for winter feeding.

      Best regards

  23. Thank you for your email and was happy that you feed the dogs ĺn Dalton area in the winter time . I donate £20 to your charity for food .

  24. Myself and my daughter both donated £20 each but no reply to say you have received? Could you please email to say you have received?

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