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Our mission is to reduce the number of stray cats and dogs in Dalyan through neutering and spaying and re-homing activities. Until this is achieved we try to save their life by providing food, medication and shelter and education and awareness campaigns. To succeed in these projects we need every help we can get, no matter if you are a long-term resident or just staying for a few weeks on holiday.  Thank you.

How you can help us:

Please check FacebookDalyan Animal Welfare.

By using easyfundraising you can help raise money at no cost to yourself, just create an account on their website ( and select Dalyan animals as your cause and start shopping. The shops that you use donate varying percentages of your purchase to Dalyan Animals.

You can donate here:- It is possible to make a monthly donation.



We also need material donations such as food, medication and bedding material. you can even leave your beach towels when you go home,  If you can offer any of these please contact us:


We are always looking for volunteers to come with us to the Animal Shelter. So if you are on holiday or here for a longer period you can visit the Shelter. You can help with simple cleaning tasks , socialize with the dogs and take them for a walk. If you are interested, just stop by the charity shop which is located next to the Han Dalyan Hotel or contact us:

Sponsoring a Street or Shelter DOG/CAT IN DALYAN

Should you want to sponsor an animal you could setup a standing order for a monthly amount, we could then help a specific animal and we would send you pictures and reports of how the animal is doing.

If you would like to sponsor one of the street animals here are the costs, you can choose how much you would like to give according to their needs and your pocket. See our Dog Gallery to choose the animal you would like to sponsor.
Neutering or spaying a dog 200tl
Neutering or spaying a cat 180tl
Mixed vaccination for dogs 30tl
Deworming tablets for dogs approx 15tl according to weight every 3 months
Deworming for cats 10tl according to weight every 3 months
Tick/Flea control dogs/cats 30tl every 3 months
Fungal injections ( ringworm ) 60 tl as necessary
Dog collar 10tl
Dog/cat food for one month 60tl
Your donation will give these animals a better, happier life THANK YOU.



We are always looking for people that will foster a postoperative or sick animal for a short time. Cats and dogs that have been neutered or spayed need a dry warm place as e.g. a garden shed or garage for a few days to recover before they can be released back to the streets. We are also looking for people to foster sick animals that need regular medication for a limited time.

Furthermore we are looking for people to foster animals that will be adopted abroad and need to stay three months at a secure place until the paperwork is done.

If you are interested in helping please contact us:



The main objective of our organisation is to re-home the animals living in the Animal Shelter and on Dalyan’s streets. The adoption process within Turkey is very easy. The adoption of animals to the EU takes about four months, as the animals have to be microchipped and vaccinated. We offer support throughout the adoption process by organizing the paperwork, medical checks, shelter and transport.



The process for adoption takes approximately 4 months from choosing your preferred dog to receiving it in the UK/Europe (transport arrangements may be different to other European countries) however the process to be followed remains the same. A microchip must be inserted alongside the injections. Microchip is approximately 100tl, rabies injection 40tl, other necessary injections are for distemper,  Parvo virus (sometimes kennel cough) and cost in the region of 100tl. Thirty days later rabies serological blood tests will be taken that must match up to the microchip . The blood tests cost in the region of 400tl. Three months after all injections results are taken and the vet will sign the necessary papers. The animal must be de-wormed and frontlined not more than 5 days and not less than 2 days before exit from Turkey. After de-worming and frontlining the papers must be taken to the municipal vet for the necessary stamps and authorisation. The cost is approximately 40tl.



Air travel varies depending on the time of year (more expensive in the winter months i.e Nov/April). If you decide on the air route the person adopting the animal must be on the same flight, or that person can designate someone to travel with the animal. The animal must be taken to the airport and checked in as cargo. The cargo office is open between 9 – 5pm and closed at weekends.
Travelling by road can be booked with Paws Bulgaria (Facebook Page Paws Bulgaria). (very reputable company). The cost for this to UK is approx £850 and that is delivery direct to your door. Prices vary to other EU countries. The animals are fed and watered during the journey. Total costs for preparing your pet for travel: 570tl Boarding fees for4 month waiting period @ 20tl per night: 4,000tl  travelling costs are estimated according to the destination country. Our animals up for adoption can be found on our Dog Gallery page.



We are always looking for volunteers to come with us to the Animal Shelter. You can help with simple cleaning tasks , socialize with the dogs and take them for a walk. The directions to the shelter are in the ‘Contact Us’ tab. If you are interested, just stop by at our Office in the Market Square, opening hours are Saturday 10.00.- 15.30 and Tuesday 4.00 – 6.00 or contact us:



You may also donate in the charity shop which is located next to the Dalyan Han Hotel or by pressing the donate button on:this page.


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  1. Hi there

    I’m trying to donate using the pounds option, but it keeps telling me I have entered an invalid amount. Any ideas on how I can get the money to you?

    1. Hello Alison

      Thank you for supporting us, we need all the we can get.

      The usual problem is that you are using a decimal point, I think if you use a comma or just the pounds without a full stop it will work eg 1000000,00 or 1000000. sorry just a little joke.

      Thanks again

  2. Hi we have a stray car in our villa, and we are worried about her, I am willing to pay for her upkeep here in dalyan once we return home. Please could you rescue her and we can make arrangements for payment.

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