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Our mission is to reduce the number of stray cats and dogs in Dalyan through neutering and spaying and re-homing activities. Until this is achieved we try to save their lives by providing food, medication and shelter. To succeed in these projects we need every help we can get, no matter if you are a long-term resident or just staying for a few weeks on holiday.  Thank you.

How you can help us:

Please follow us on Facebook: – Dalyan Street Animals Support Group

By using easyfundraising you can help raise money at no cost to yourself, just create an account on their website ( and select Dalyan animals as your cause and start shopping. The shops that you use donate varying percentages of your purchase to Dalyan Animals.

You can donate here:- It is possible to make a monthly donation.



We also need material donations such as food, medication and bedding material. you can even leave your beach towels when you go home,  If you can offer any of these please contact us:




We are always looking for people that will foster a postoperative or sick animal for a short time. Cats and dogs that have been neutered or spayed need a dry warm place as e.g. a garden shed or garage for a few days to recover before they can be released back to the streets. We are also looking for people to foster sick animals that need regular medication for a limited time.

Furthermore we are looking for people to foster animals that will be adopted abroad and need to stay three months at a secure place until the paperwork is done.

If you are interested in helping please contact us:



The main objective of our organisation is to re-home the animals living on Dalyan’s streets. The adoption process within Turkey is very easy. The adoption of animals to the EU takes about four months, as the animals have to be microchipped and vaccinated. We can arange support through EPT.



The process for adoption takes approximately 4 months from choosing your preferred dog to receiving it in the UK/Europe (transport arrangements may be different to other European countries) however the process to be followed remains the same. A microchip must be inserted alongside the injections. Microchip is approximately 100tl, rabies injection 40tl, other necessary injections are for distemper,  Parvo virus (sometimes kennel cough) and cost in the region of 100tl. Thirty days later rabies serological blood tests will be taken that must match up to the microchip . The blood tests cost in the region of 400tl. Three months after all injections results are taken and the vet will sign the necessary papers. The animal must be de-wormed and frontlined not more than 5 days and not less than 2 days before exit from Turkey. After de-worming and frontlining the papers must be taken to the municipal vet for the necessary stamps and authorisation. The cost is approximately 40tl.



Air travel varies depending on the time of year (more expensive in the winter months i.e Nov/April). If you decide on the air route the person adopting the animal must be on the same flight, or that person can designate someone to travel with the animal. The animal must be taken to the airport and checked in as cargo. The cargo office is open between 9 – 5pm and closed at weekends.
Travelling by road can be booked with EPT. You can find them on Facebook.





11 thoughts on “Support Us

  1. Hi there

    I’m trying to donate using the pounds option, but it keeps telling me I have entered an invalid amount. Any ideas on how I can get the money to you?

  2. Hi we have a stray car in our villa, and we are worried about her, I am willing to pay for her upkeep here in dalyan once we return home. Please could you rescue her and we can make arrangements for payment.

  3. Please can I sponsor a lovely street dog hanging around Dalyano/ Metin hotel area? Will pay for neutering, injections and worming etc Still here for a few days if you need a picture.

  4. Hi my name is Jason, this has nothing to do with stray animals, but I need your advice, our next door neighbours daughter in law has two dogs and she lets them out and both show teeth and have tried to attack me and family, the lady from next door said my dogs are guard dogs who protect me and said it’s alright for them to show teeth, also those dogs have been on our territory barking and when I opened my door that dog jumped up at me showing teeth and barking I could not go out, what is the law in Turkey regarding violent dogs because my mum has cancer and is terrified of these dogs when the lady brings them, also I’ve seen these two dogs attack two people walking by.

    1. Hi Jason

      I’m sorry that you are having these problems, I suggest that if you can get someone who can speak Turkish and go to the Zabita office with pictures if possible.

      I believe that it is not legal or neighbourly to let your dogs wreak havoc like this.

      You could also try Dalyan Animal Welfare on Facebook, they may be able to help.

      Best regards

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