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Lovely strong willed Cassie a perfect pet for a loving home, she is 3 or 4 years old.



German Shepherd mixed breed, large female Neutered, This is a very active dog, needs a new owner who can do some long walks or run with her. Would also be good for agility or other activities.

Needs a firm hand and some training. Very happy dog, gives a lot of love back when she gets attention or when she gets something to do.

Vet check up is no problem, but she is very afraid of getting her nails cut. With some reassuring and patience, she also lays still for that. This will probably not be any problem after a few weeks.


Golden Retriever mix breed, medium sized female Neutered Born January 2014

Calm dog, loves to be cuddled with and to be brushed.

Vet check up is no problem, but she is afraid when we try to cut her nails. This will work just fine after some reassuring and patience. Does know how to sit and lay down, very submissive and easy to train. This dog will suit most homes.




Mixed breed, small medium sized male Castrated, TAG 512, Eartag 706 Age is uncertain

Came to the shelter in 2013. Very sweet dog. Seeks contact with very calm people. He is a bit afraid, stays away from all kinds of trouble.

Vet check up and cutting nails must be done very calmly. He has a very good tempered, not at all aggressive. Does know sitting and laying down on command, so in new and calm surroundings, he will be very obedient and easily trained. He is such a quiet and calm dog, not much training will be necessary. Loves to be brushed and cuddled, gives a lot of love back. He would be a very good match with elderly people.




Nice quiet little fellow.


Enjoying the sunshine.
This is my food, get off!
Feeding time.
The boss – Hercules


One thought on “Adoption Gallery

  1. I am interested in adopting a street dog that I got to know during a recent trip in Dalyan. I can not find her on your website but she was a golden retriever type cross, female, she looked about 1-2 years old, tag number 04570.

    I live in Brighton in England and have owned four large dogs previously including two retrievers. I would like to arrange to give this dog a home if possible and will pay all the necessary medical fees, boarding and transportation costs. I am a home owner and I live by the sea and next to the South Downs National Country Park so there are many good walks from my house.

    I have photographs of her also that I will send you via email.

    I do have a cat and two children aged 9 and 11 so it would be good to know how she is around cats and children first though having already met her with children .she seemed fine.

    Best wishes and I shall look forward to hearing from you.

    Amanda Sherratt
    tel United Kingdom (0) 7956968390 (mobile)
    (0) 1273 694 516 (home).

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