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We have three cat houses in Dalyan they are being managed through the year by a team of dedicated volunteers so the cats of Dalyan will not go hungry thanks to your donations.

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Dalyan Cats

Edna, Dave, Paul and Mandy who are Dalyan Cats were in Dalyan, September 2014, 2015 and 2016 and the have a target of three cats to be neutered each day during the course of their holiday!

I dont want to be snipped
I dont want to be snipped
Paul,Mandy, David and myself with our friends Alison and Kevin and Charlie and Eileen who always give us a generous donation to help the animals.
Paul,Mandy, David and myself with our friends Alison and Kevin and Charlie and Eileen who always give us a generous donation to help the animals.
Our first two neuters of 2013
Our first two neuters of 2013
Dohakder stall in the square raising money for cats and dogs in Dalyan.
Dohakder stall in the square raising money for cats and dogs in Dalyan.
Dalyan cat house in Gulpinar
For the safety and comfort of the street cats.
Thanks to the sponsors of the cat house!
Cat house in Dalyan and Mebs
Mebrue and Nilufer at the new cat house which is at the side of the BC Spa by the coach park.

11 thoughts on “Cat Gallery

  1. Hello cat friends,
    I am on holiday in Dalyan and go back home tomorrow. our hotel has been running since yesterday a kitten of 4 to 5 weeks old to scream, I think she’s dead mother because she’s not coming.
    What can I do?

  2. Hello Cat Friends!

    I was on holiday in Dalyan and I went home today. I have seen two tiny kitten in the cathouse nearby the hotel “Patio” – they are so tiny, they can not eat “normal” Whiskas. They are black and grey.

    Maybe someone can help.

  3. Hi Mebrue,
    Its Rosie I came in to see you last Saturday, can you tell me if you managed to get to Villa Eliz and see Poppy the small blonde dog with a bad hip who lives behind the bush in that complex, she did have an owner but they have left I am told by Patricia and Adam who live there if you go there and just call poppy she will come out straight away, I’m afraid I didn’t manage to get the tablets down her, also there is the cat who has had a litter we called her skinny mini, she is about to have another litter and is spiteful to the kittens and will attack them if there is food around she is so hungry, she is tabby and ginger and white, we think she is very young, the vet told Adam that she couldn’t get pregnant while she was feeding her kittens and she has, the kittens are being fed at the moment by Adam but he wont feed the mum and he is worried that the new litter will stay around and they can’t afford to feed 12 kittens, he is very partial to minstrel who they call twinkle she has a red flea collar on that we put on and he is very tame, the other five some have eye infections, are called ginger bum, sooty Minky Terence and Spotty, we went to the vets and bought antibiotics for the kittens but I think a couple of them have an infection from the mum, it looks a little bit like a cataract, please do what you can for them I am very worried about them all, if I could I would bring them all home Rosie

  4. Do you have a programme for neutering cats?

    I would be very pleased to help such a project.

    How much does this cost per cat?

    Many thanks, Linda

    1. Hello Linda

      The charity will neuter cats and dogs as funds become available or if there is a urgent case using funds from the charity. The cost is 100tl for boys and 130tl for girls.

      We gratefully receive any help that is given to us as we do not receive any funding from the council or government.

      You can donate via Paypal on this site using your own Paypal account or using a Debit/Credit card, recurring payments are an option.

      Best wishes

  5. We we’re in Dalyan this week. The cat house by the coach park is in desparate need of cleaning and currently has 1 kitten approx 7 weeks. Seen on a few occasions mum does not seem to be around. We fed him and left a pouch of kitten food. The cat house on the bank of the river (the tall one with the white fretwork front) this was getting drenched on the inside because of the spray watering the grass. If was going right inside and wetting all food and blankets etc. House either needs turning to avoid it or sprayer being angled down. Very pleased they have you looking out for them.

    1. Hello Laura

      Thank you for caring for the animals in Dalyan.

      The cat houses are looked after by volunteers all through the winter, we do not feed as often in the summer as visitors help us and there are not enough funds to feed all year round.

      We will ensure that we deal with the sprinkler problem.

      Thank you
      Dalyan Animals

  6. Somewhere I read that you need Sudocrem. I bought a few tins in Holland (is it difficult to buy in Turkey?) and hope to bring some towels as well. Can I put those items in one of the cathouses? Or is there still a shop (I saw that a few years ago, near the market).

    1. Hello Veronica

      We need any type creams or medication, please can you take to the charity shop, it is based near Han Dalyan Hotel and open Tuesday and Saturday afternoon.

      Many thanks
      Dalyan Animals

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