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You can donate here:- It is possible to make a monthly donation.




      • You can help raise money by using easyfundraising, just register and shop online through easyfundraising.org.uk and the retailer will donate a percentage to Dalyan Animals.
      • You can get an extra 5Kg baggage if you are bringing things for a charity such as Dohakder, ask your airline., if they need a confirmation email or letter we can provide.
      • You can leave your beach towels when going home to free up weight, leave at the charity shop..
      • You can visit the Animal Shelter and help us, see Contact Page.
      • You can adopt a dog and get it home within a few months, see Support Us Page.
      • You can follow us on Facebook, groups – Dalyan Animal Welfare, Dalyan Animal Supporters and Dalyan Animal Shelter News.
      • If you see an unattended kitten or puppy do not move them too quickly as their mummy may be looking for food, please wait and be 100% sure before moving them!!!





2 thoughts on “Did You Know?

  1. Hello,
    I am here on holiday in daylan and like to help with the neutering.
    Are u going to the places or do the animals need to be brought to your place? I see many cats around here and would love to help.
    Best wishes

    1. Hello Jacqueline

      We will be grateful for yur help, cats and dogs are neutered at the shelter, they have their own vet but you would need to talk to Mebrure or Hilary at the shelter to find out when the neutering takes place.

      The street animals in Dalyan can be taken to the vet in the main street, its further down from Migros on the opposite side but only that vet!

      Best wishes
      Dalyan Animals

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