Did You Know?


You can donate here:- It is possible to make a monthly donation.




      • You can help raise money by using easyfundraising, just register and shop online through easyfundraising.org.uk and the retailer will donate a percentage to Dalyan Animals.
      • You can get an extra 5Kg baggage if you are bringing things for a charity such as Dohakder, ask your airline., if they need a confirmation email or letter we can provide.
      • You can leave your beach towels when going home to free up weight, leave at the charity shop..
      • You can visit the Animal Shelter and help us, see Contact Page.
      • You can adopt a dog and get it home within a few months, see Support Us Page.
      • You can follow us on Facebook, groups – Dalyan Animal Welfare, Dalyan Animal Supporters and Dalyan Animal Shelter News.
      • If you see an unattended kitten or puppy do not move them too quickly as their mummy may be looking for food, please wait and be 100% sure before moving them!!!





One thought on “Did You Know?

  1. Hello,
    I am here on holiday in daylan and like to help with the neutering.
    Are u going to the places or do the animals need to be brought to your place? I see many cats around here and would love to help.
    Best wishes

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