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Dalyan Street Animals Feeding Group


Easyfundraising for Dalyan Animals

By using easyfundraising you can help raise money at no cost to yourself, just create an account on their website ( and select Dalyan animals as your cause and start shopping. The shops that you use donate varying percentages of your purchase to Dalyan Animals.

You can also donate directly here and it is possible to make a monthly donation. 



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  • 20 May 2021 at 1:51 pm

    I have set up a regular payment of £2 to help Dalyan dogs with the cost of a helper

  • 2 August 2021 at 7:19 pm

    Hallo, My name is Izabela. I just have come back from Dalyan. I regret to have found your organization too late. I am writing about the family of cats living in the area of Basar Hotel (Maras Mah. Savkar Sok. No:26-28 Dalyan Ortaca). I have noticed that the cats in nearby bushes (near taxi stop) are fed and I believe it is your organization that is taking care of them because it is opposite the cat’s house behind the fence. The cats I am talking about, most probably live in the hotel area. They are extremely shy and thin. I was there 3 days 19- 21 July and just yesterday. I used to leave them (in the hotel and the bushes) Whiskas. The days, when I was there, Dalyan and the hotel were full, so the cats were also occasionally fed by tourists. When we came back yesterday, the hotel was empty. Mr. Basar is very nice and helpful, I do not want to say any wrong word against him, but I believe everybody in the hotel believes, the cats will help themselves, which is not what I would be sure of. There are a mother and two kittens. The mother has something done with a leg – I was not able to check up. She is visibly disabled and probably not able to look for enough food. The kittens look not much better. One of them, the white one, was blind on one eye or just with the festering eye. They are shy and I was not able to look at them closely. I am writing to You hoping, that maybe you will find some way to help those poor animals. I realize that the need is enormous and you probably have hundreds of poor cats in the area. Traveling this time around Lycia I must say, that I notice a lot of good things happen to animals since the time I was there some 4 years ago. And I am sure it is happening thanks to such people like you all. Now I am already in Poland, I myself know the problem because I used to take care of cats in the place I do live. I was too moved to take any pictures of the hotel cats, so I can only say, the mother is white with black spots, disabled, the kittens are all white, and the second is like a mom. If you can do anything for them….

  • 7 October 2023 at 10:43 am

    Hi Tina Penny will have told you about us we are her neighbours. We would love to help out. Our visitors go home Monday do Penny said she’d arrange for us to meet to discuss how we can help. Sarah & Lawrence


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