You can donate at the charity shop which is located by the Han Dalyan Hotel, it is open between 2.30 and 4.30 on Saturday and Tuesday,  you can also leave your beach towels as they can be used at the Dog Shelter.

Please check Facebook, Dalyan Animal Welfare.

Easyfundraising for Dalyan Animals

By using easyfundraising you can help raise money at no cost to yourself, just create an account on their website ( and select Dalyan animals as your cause and start shopping. The shops that you use donate varying percentages of your purchase to Dalyan Animals.

You can also donate directly here and it is possible to make a monthly donation. 



Leave Dalyan on the dual carriageway. When you get to the roundabout go straight over. After about 200 metres you will cross the stream. Turn left after the stream and travel alongside it. Travel approx. 150 metres and take the first right turn, you will see red paw prints on the concrete wall. Follow the track keeping left along the bottom of the hill. The track will start to climb the hill for 300 metres. Stay on the main track and you will come to the shelter. The shelter is open on Saturday and Wednesday from 10:00am until around 13:00. email:

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  1. Good day to you all.
    ,i am Paula from the Netherlands and also a friend of June Haimoff,and i come to Dalyan
    for 13 jears and I have a dog from Dalyan,I found hear on the street and she was 2 months,now she will be 13 years a lovely dog.
    I will be in Dalyan the 26 of July,for 3 weeks,I,like to bring you Kitten milk in a can,and puppy milk,I like to visit you and give you some money for food.
    Hope to hear from you.
    Paula de Cocq van Delwijnen.

    1. Hello Paula, it is very nice to hear from you. What a lovely story, you did a wonderful thing and your dog is so lucky to have found someone so caring. Please make contact with Mebrue at the Dohakder office in the Market Square when you come, she will be very pleased to see you.

      It is possible to donate food online if you would like to.

      Please can you give us some more details and maybe some pictures and we can include in ‘Happy Tails’ on the website


  2. Hello again,
    I will send you more details en foto,s of Tarkan (my dog),buth I need some help from my son,so it take a wile.
    All the best.
    Paula de Cocq van Delwijnen.

  3. I have sponsored the Dalyan dogs home calender for a second year this year I am the month of August.

    I dont quite understand why in 2 weeks i have been here I have not seen the calenders on sale , on the street in bars etc etc etc. why isnt there stall in dalyan street centre promoting and collecting donations or selling the calendars

  4. hello everyone,

    we have just come back from our holiday in dalyan…..we fell in love with 2 street dogs, one of whom we managed to home to an english couple who were holidaying with us at the metin hotel who live in ankara, they have now taken her home, the other one i would dearly love to get home here to us in the uk, but dont know where to start as she is still on the streets, she hangs out at the panorama resturant and outside the river side of the texzchan hotel…..any help would be appreciated, i also have some dontations of leads and blankets and towels to send to you also some medications (advocate flea and wormer), do i send them to the shop address or is there somewhere else i have to sent them, im also happy to donate on line for food etc every month…how do i go about doing this. many thanks. wendy

    1. Hello Wendy

      I have asked Mebrue to contact you, she is the Dohakder Volunteer in Dalyan and she can help you. You can donate money online through the website, the address for the Dohakder shop is there too.

      Please let me know if you do not hear anything, she is really really busy at the moment.

      Best regards

      1. many thanks phil, i will look out for some correspondance…..i really hope i can get copper (the name we gave him as he is copper coloured) back to us……we ready have an english rescued labrador and 3 rescue cats and i know he would make our family complete…..i will box up the donations i have and set up a monthly donation.

  5. Hi, I have just been on holiday to Dalyan and met a nice couple who told us about u. Seeing so many dogs and cats in need was upsetting, thank you for the great work u do. I do want to let u know about a black kitten we saw, with yellow eyes. I’m not sure if you can help but the kitten had worms. There is another kitten with it, so that probably has worms also. The kittens hung around ‘Le Cafe’ (Gerda’s) near the taxi rank and were seen there a number of times. If u can help I have pictures of the kitten and the sign outside the cafe/restaurant. Thanks Jemma

  6. Hi,

    Went to visit today (Friday) with the aim of walking some dogs but was told you don’t walk them today, what days would it be ok please

  7. Thanks very much, all being well, I will see you on Wednesday and possibly my wife too.

    We will probably cycle over as we did this week

    Kind regards,


  8. Whilst we were in Dalyan, it was nigh impossible to get anyone to accept our donation. The office was closed and indeed the guy next door said it had been closed for 3 months.
    We donated a large sum by
    Paypal on our return but have not had any response by email nor any other method confirming you got it.
    I have to say this whole thing is beginning to look like a scam. I hope I am wrong but everything points to it.

    1. Good day mr.Innes,
      If you send a email to Mebrure Kuzey Blom she ca,n help you
      Every year,I give some money and bring this in the shop,and it is oke..
      Much succes.Paula de Cocq van Delwijnen-Feiwel.

  9. Whilst we were in Dalyan we visited the actual Dog Rescue Centre (i.e. not the office in town) and I can assure you it is not a scam. They are doing a great job on a shoestring budget, there was over a hundred dogs there and from what I saw, they were better looked after than some Rescue Centres I have seen back home,

    Hope that reassures you.

  10. Thank you Kevin. That is very reassuring indeed.
    I have now been notified my donation has arrived. Seemingly Paypal is banned in Turkey which caused the considerable confusion, also that Paypal receipted payment to Mrs. S. Smith who seemingly has nothing to do with it any more.
    Considerable and needless confusion which hopefully doesn’t put people off from donating.

  11. John,

    That does all seem a bit confusing, as I mentioned, we visited the rescue Centre itself and gave a cash donation for which we were given a written receipt.

    Next time you are there it’s worth paying them a visit. If you go on a Saturday or Wednesday morning you can help walk them and there are some lovely dogs there.



  12. Hi,
    I am currently on holiday in dalyan and found a very young kitten out in the garden this morning. It’s very small/thin and seems to have one eye missing and the other eye is either infected or blind. Is there any one who could come to get the kitten or anything we could do? We are staying at;
    Villa Claddagh
    No. 4, 125 Sk

    Many thanks, Rachel

  13. Hello,

    We adopted a dog from Dalyan last year and she (Dünya) is doing fine in the Netherlands. This year we saw the dog named Themba next to Hotel Han near Villa Duran in Dalyan. The dog looks in poor shape and we’ve been feeding him for a week now. We saw on a sign that it’s been treated for worms and flees but he looks bad. We’ve been wondering what’s wrong with the dog and also we like to know if we can do something for him. The dog hasn’t been tagged. Does anyone has some information for us?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hello Bo and Andres

      We know about him but with limited resources it is difficult to fix everything ,he will get neutered. He does get fed but he needs a home, he is such a lovely dog and woukd make a great pet for someone.

      Best wishes

  14. Hi Phil,

    We like to know what is needed for a proper treatment and what the costs are. Maybe we can participate something.


    1. Hi Bo&Andres

      It would cost around 200tl for him to be neutered and maybe another 100tl for medication. We can contact Mebrure to arrange. You can leave the donation at the vet, he will give a receipt and we can inform you when he has been treated.

      The Charity Shop is open on Wednesday and Saturday from 4.00 to 6.00 if you would like to discuss with Mebrure.
      Thank you

  15. Hi Phil,

    We are leaving on Tuesday early in the morning. But we gave 200 tl to a friend (Alinda) who is also staying at the Villa Duran apartments. She will be at the donation shop on Wednesday to hand over the money. Please make sure the money is spend on the health of Themba. And please say hello from us to Joe Sheldon, Hülya and Jan. Thanks again.

    Andres & Bo

  16. Hi Phil,

    We had another 100 lira left so Alinda will hand over 300 tl. So we would like to spend the money on medication for Themba. Thanks so much.

    Kind regards,


  17. Hi Phil,

    Our friend Alinda handed over the money to Hillary who was at the charity shop. Did you hear something about it? We just like to be sure it’s all gone well.

    Kind Regards,


  18. I’m in Dalaman, for 5 week I’ve been looking after a 2 month old kitten. I’ve had him to a vet and treated for a parasite, he lives in the garden and knows me well. I want to take him to the UK and want advice on arranging travel, I go back September 24 but will return 2\3 week in October to hopefully finalise things. I am going to arrange the rabies injection before I leave and get the blood test etc when I return. He’s adorable and would not survive on the street.

  19. Hi. I have posted on your Facebook site but thought I would post on here also. Me and my friend are staying in dalyan in a villa called villa kaylem. We have found a dog who just sleeps on the street, he seems old and very neglected. His nails are all over grown and one has curled all the way round and digging in to his paws. He also has cuts and sores on most of his paws. The poor thing is in a terrible state, we have been feeding him dog food and giving him water. We would really like someone to help this poor dog as he is so lovely and very friendly, his tail wags so much whenever he sees us and tries to gel in the villa with us. Just wish we could let him in, we are happy to contribute towards getting him better and looked after.

    1. Hello Claire

      Please can you ask someone to call the vet when the dog is there and he will come and treat him. This way the Turkish person can explain where you are so he will find you.

      The charity will pay the vet but we are always looking for supporters.
      0542 697 3141
      Please let us know how you get on.

      Best wishes

  20. We are in Dalyan and want to go to the shelter today!! Can anyone help as to how to get there / how far away it is???? ASAP

    1. Hello Ashleigh

      The shelter is open on Wednesday and Saturday 13.00, the directions are on the website and on Facebook under Dalyan Animal Welfare. The taxis near to the tourist information can take you there.

      Best wishes

  21. Hello, I’m staying in a villa in Dalyan. Today is our last day and this lovely big dog has arrived in our garden. He doesn’t look old but is so very thin. He’s also very weak o his back legs. I don’t know if that’s because he is so u der nourished or if he’s been hurt.
    Would it be possible to get someone to come and take him in for some care please. I’ll happily contribute. I can’t leave him like this. Please help. Many thanks Rachel

  22. Hi, I know you guys must be busy but I’m worried this gorgeous is going to wonder off before you guys have a chance e to get here. He has no tag. He has a collar. He’s so thin and his back legs shake when he’s walking or trying to sit. Please can you help him. Many thanks!

  23. Hello, we have become very fond of a dog locally in Dalyan and would like to adopt her and take her to the uk . We understand that it takes approx 3 months and there are costs involved . The dog is a female approx 4 yrs old and tag number 100 . We do have a picture if needed and tried to go to your centre today but didn’t realise it was closed .
    Could you please advise us ?

    1. Hello Kim

      That is great news, lucky dog!

      Approximate timing is:-
      Microchip, rabies jab and passport started.
      28 days later blood test to check that rabies jab has worked.
      If ok then 3 months from this point.

      It is four months from start to finish.

      The cost is approx £2500 if you would like the doggie in kennels for this period which is preferred for many reasons, the kennels will arrange everything, I can put you in touch with them if you would like.

      Please let us have a picture and location of the dog.

      Best regards and good luck.
      Dalyan Animals

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