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Our long term objective is to reduce the number of street cats and dogs in Dalyan through neutering/spaying projects and re-homing activities. Until this aim is achieved we try to save the animals’ life by providing food, medication and shelter. Furthermore we run education and awareness campaigns throughout the region to improve the re-homing success.

Helping the street cats.

cah house in Dalyan and Mebs

We have installed a safe shelter/feeding stations, this one is in Gulpinar.

Cat feeding and safety for Dalyan cats

This feeding station also provides safety for the street cats.

Neutering and Spaying

Neutering/spaying is the worldwide approved practice to reduce the number of stray animals. We catch the animals and bring them to the local vet, where they are operated upon and tagged. Afterwards the animals have to be looked after for a couple of days, before they can be put back to the street.



Especially during winter when there are no tourists in town, the restaurants that usually provide food for the animals are shut down and the animals are threatened with starvation. Therefore we have installed several feeding stations in town in cooperation with local businesses where the animal get their daily food distributed by a team of volunteers all through the winter.


Besides feeding the animals we give them de-worming tablets and other medication. Unfortunately this is very costly and we cannot cover all necessary treatments and vaccinations. Minor injuries are treated by the local vet. As there is no x-ray equipment in Dalyan, more serious cases are taken to Gokova Animal Hospital if there is enough money in our donation funds.


Animal Shelter Improvement

Dalyan’s Animal Shelter is run by the Municipality but we as volunteers have been given access to help make improvements. We provide food, medication and bedding in the shelter and try to keep it as hygienic as possible. The dogs are well organised in their pack and friendly to humans. The main objective is to re-home the dogs that are shown in our Animal Gallery.

New Quarantine area

Through donations we have been able to build a new quarantine area, the old one was wooden shed which was likely to fall down at any moment. The new one has multiple runs where we can isolate dogs which are new or if they have a contagious disease.



This is my house now.
This is my house now.

Another happy tennant! Blacky in his new kennel.

We also had a very generous donation of twelve dog kennels, they are fantastic and we managed to get extra volunteers to varnish them. The dogs absolutely love them as you can see by the pictures.


Education Programme

Our education programme in regional schools aims to improve the public image of animals and educate children how to interact with them. Therefore we take dogs to schools to show them how to look after them and teach them not be frightened of them but how they can even help humans.

We visit schools in DALYAN and nearby villages, and using an excellent slide presentation and educational children’s booklets provided SHKD (Sahipsiz Hayvanları Koruma Derneği) in İstanbul we explain to children why we should respect and care for our local animals. These booklets have been designed by The Dog’s Trust in conjunction with Battersea Dogs Home and the North Shore Animal League and produced in Turkish by SHKD and E.H.D (Evsiz Hayvanlar Derneği) They contain a lot of information but it is presented in such a way as to be thought provoking yet understandable for children of all ages. The aim is to provide children with a better understanding of animals and particularly how it is important to treat them well and neuter owned and stray animals in order to reduce the number unwanted cats and dogs in the world. Awareness: We speak to people all the time, young and old, locals or visitors. We talk about the problem of street animals, TNR, care, responsible ownership etc We talk about the Turkish law and culture, DOHAKDER, what we do and why and basically try to raise awareness about the plight of the stray dogs and cats. We try to get more people involved and explain that everyone can do something to make a difference. It is, after all in everyone’s interest.

Link to training presentation:-



Ongoing Projects

All of these projects are ongoing until the neutering/spaying and re-homing projects show effect. But there is a long way to go so if you would like to support us in any way then please decide how you can by looking at our ‘Support Us’ Page

email: comments@dalyanimals.org

3 thoughts on “Our Projects

  1. Great job guys,

    I’m trying to contact someone that can help, I’ve seen a young dog with a broken right leg. He’s in the garden next to the Yaprak Hotel, 222. Sok no: 21 48840 Dalyan. As we’re only visiting we don’t know who to contact. Seems cruel to just let him wander as he is. I hope someone reading this can help him.

    1. Hello Alison
      If you can catch it then the vet will lend you a cat carrier, his number is 0542 697 3141 and he may come out if you can get a local to call him.

      Best regards

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